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Stainless steel round steel
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304 hexagonal rods
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304 stainless steel is a kind of universal stainless steel material, antirust performance is better than 200 series of stainless steel material.

High temperature resistance is also good, as high as 1000-1200 degrees.

304 stainless steel has excellent rust resistance and corrosion resistance and good intergranular corrosion resistance.

304 stainless steel material concentration ≤65% boiling temperature in nitric acid, has a strong corrosion resistance.

It also has good corrosion resistance to alkali solution and most organic acids and inorganic acids.

Stainless steel bar brand series are:

SUS301, SUS302, SUS303F, SUS303CU, SUS304, SUS304L, SUS305, SUS316L, SUS316, SUS310S, SUS44A, SUS440B, SUS440C, SUS436, SUS420, S

US416, SUS446, SUS202, SUS201, SUS630, (17-4PH) 631 and other series of stainless steel materials, quality assurance, fast delivery, material certification, SGS environmental protection.