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2507 stainless steel rod
日期:2020-10-03 人气:56

2507 is a ferritic-austenitic (dual-phase) stainless steel that combines the most beneficial properties of many ferritic and austenitic steels. Due to its high chromium and molybdenum content, the steel has excellent resistance to pitting, crevices and uniform corrosion.

Dual-phase microstructure ensures that the steel has high stress corrosion cracking resistance and high mechanical strength.

2507 stainless steel applications in the oil and gas industry;

Offshore shitaitian oil platform (heat exchanger pipe, water treatment and water supply system, fire protection system, sprinkler system, water stabilization system;

Petrochemical equipment;

Desalination (desalination) equipment (and the high-pressure pipe and seawater pipe in the equipment);

Mechanical and structural components requiring both high strength and high corrosion resistance;

Burning (waste) gas purification equipment.

Main ingredients: 25Cr-7Ni-4Mo-0.27N

2507 spot specification

2507 stainless steel sheet spot specification: 0.3mm-350mm(thickness)

2507 stainless steel bar spot specification: 3.0mm-500mm(diameter)

2507 stainless steel wire spot specification: 0.1mm-20mm(wire diameter)

Chemical composition of 2507 stainless steel:

C≤0.03, Si≤0.80, Mn≤1.2, Cr:24-26, Ni:6-8, S≤0.02, P≤0.035, Mo:3-5, N: 0.24-0.32

The microstructure of 2507 stainless steel with an ideal α/γ ratio of about 50/50 has been obtained after suitable solution treatment.

When the solution temperature is above 1050℃, the number of ferrite phases in the steel increases with the increase of temperature, but the proportion of ferrite phases in the steel below 1300℃ does not change significantly due to the high nitrogen content.

If the steel is not aged at different temperatures (or affected by heat), there will be γ2 formation and δ, χ, R, α 'intermetallic phase and Cr2N oxide precipitation in α+γ matrix. Because of the low carbon content in the steel (generally between 0.01%-0.02%), there is no carbide in the steel.

Mechanical properties of 2507 stainless steel products:

I. Mechanical properties of 2507 duplex stainless steel tube at room temperature:

Steel varieties: wall thickness ≤20mm;

δ B /MPa: 800-1000, δ0.2/MPa: ≥550, δ5/% : ≥25, hardness (HV) : 290

Two, mechanical properties of 2507 duplex stainless steel plate at room temperature --200℃ :

Steel variety temperature /℃ ΔB /MPa

At room temperature, 530 or more

100, 450 or more

200 or 400

Mechanical properties of 2507 large diameter seamless pipe

Outside diameter × wall thickness ΔB/Mpa Δ0.2 / Mpa Δ5 /% hardness (HV)

273.0mm×4.19mm 894 644 40 284

323.9mm×4.57mm 858 662 45 270

406.4mm×4.74mm 854 657 41 272